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Practical management tips, tools and resources to help young people, and those supporting them, with quality pain care.
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Hear from young people about the personal impact of pain on their lives, their challenges and their tips to manage pain and live well.

Most common stories, conditions, and management tips

Alysha portrait
Alysha's story Story

Find out how Alysha has developed strategies to manage her chronic health conditions and the associated impact on her mental wellbeing.

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2 min read · 24 Jan 2023

Tim portrait
Tim's story Story

Hear about Tim’s experience of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, the impact on his wellbeing and skills he developed on his pathway to recovery.

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2 min read · 21 Jan 2023

Breanna's story Story

Find out how Breanna manages her multiple health conditions, her Chronic Widespread Pain, fatigue and wellbeing using a holistic approach to care.

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2 min read · 24 Jan 2023

Low back painCondition

Get credible and helpful information is vital to help you recover and manage your back pain.

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14 min read · 31 Jan 2023

Chronic Widespread Pain Condition

Between 5-10% of young people with chronic widespread pain will report having an experience of ongoing pain.

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8 min read · 21 Jan 2021

Juvenile Arthritis Condition

There are more than 6000 young people in Australia with Juvenile Arthritis, which is about 1-4 in every 1000 people.

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17 min read · 09 Jun 2021

Making sense of your pain Management

Insights from living with persisting pain and how to understand and make sense of it.

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11 min read · 26 May 2022

Getting back to what you want to do Management

Helpful info about how to safely increase your activity levels, manage fatigue and prevent pain flares by using pacing.

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9 min read · 26 May 2022

Helping others help you Management

Receiving positive support from family, friends, and others can make a real difference to how young people manage their pain.

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11 min read · 11 Nov 2021

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youngpainHEALTH offers information to help you challenge unhelpful beliefs about your pain - something that took me some time and effort. I found that remaining curious, learning from trusted health professionals, and implementing helpful strategies helped me get back to doing and enjoying the things I wanted to do.

Mitchell Baillie
Exercise Physiologist
  • Department of Health
  • Curtin University